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We are open source now!

We are thinking about making this project fully open source and to sell the components and housings on top of that.

Intuitive Control

Experience effortless creativity with Starklicht’s intuitive control. Our user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly create captivating lighting effects and animations. Customize timelines, adjust colors, and explore endless possibilities with ease.

Whether you’re a filmmaker, theater enthusiast, or live event professional, Starklicht’s intuitive control puts you in command of your creative vision. Unleash your imagination and let your light shine bright.

Lightweight, Small, Versatile

Experience the power of our hardware lamp – a compact and lightweight lighting solution designed to ignite your creativity. With its sleek and portable design, this versatile lamp is perfect for filmmakers, theater productions, and live events.

Its small form factor belies its incredible performance, delivering stunning lighting effects and animations that will captivate your audience. Whether you’re on the go or setting up a professional studio, our hardware lamp is your reliable companion, ready to bring your vision to life with ease.

Illuminating the Path of Lighting Innovation

Driven by Passion and Expertise: Meet the Dynamic Innovators behind Starklicht

Jannis: Our Creative Software Wizard

Jannis, our creative software wizard, combines his UX/UI expertise with a vibrant and witty personality. With a knack for crafting seamless user experiences, he brings a fresh and innovative touch to Starklicht. Jannis’s creative brilliance and technical prowess ensure that our lighting solution is not only functional but also a delight to use.

Tobias: Our Brilliant Hardware Craftsman

Meet Tobias, the brilliant mind behind Starklicht’s hardware design. With his deep understanding of circuits and unwavering passion for craftsmanship, he brings intricate 3D designs and meticulously crafted PCBs to life. Tobias’s expertise and attention to detail play a vital role in creating the cutting-edge lighting experience of Starklicht.


Personalize your lighting experience with a wide range of customizable effects, including dynamic animations, color transitions, and mesmerizing patterns. Let your creativity shine through endless possibilities.

Effortlessly control and fine-tune your lighting settings with our intuitive interface. Adjust brightness, color temperature, and animation speed with just a few taps, empowering you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Seamlessly connect and control up to 7 lamps using Bluetooth technology. Expand your lighting setup and create synchronized effects across multiple lamps, bringing your vision to life.

Enjoy compatibility with a wide range of professional equipment, including V-Mount battery systems, stative mounts, and Bowens mounts. Seamlessly integrate Starklicht into your existing setup, enhancing your lighting capabilities.

Be part of a vibrant community of creators and share your lighting effects, animations, and presets. Explore the creativity of others, collaborate, and discover new ways to elevate your lighting artistry.

Our open-source approach for our hardware allows you to 3D print and repair your Starklicht lamp and PCB components. If something breaks, you have the freedom to fix and modify them, making Starklicht a truly customizable and sustainable lighting solution.

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